Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to Win a Street Fight – Attack with a Brutal Attitude!

Quickly press your fingertips tightly together and strike at an eye!  Grip an ear and savagely try to rip it off!  If you are face to face with an attacker you must be brutal or you will be a victim.  A street fight is the most dangerous situation you can possible end up in because there is no one to stop the fight, no three minute rounds, and your opponent may very well plan to kill you.  You need to be a ruthless defender of yourself or your loved one.  Street self defense against a street thug is so dangerous that you have to develop the attitude that the attacker does not deserve a fair fight.  He will not follow any rules so you must be as “dirty” as the killer that you are facing only you must do it to him before he does it to you.  That is the Golden Rule of Street Fighting!

Maybe you have been there.  Some guy is in your face, so first you try to cool off the situation.  One rule of self defense is to avoid a fight situation if possible.  However, if it gets to the points that the fight is inevitable then you have to be mean, dirty, barbaric, and ruthless.  So you kick him in the groin, poke his eye, or do whatever works, as long as you win the fight.

One street self defense move is the back attack.  If a fight is unavoidable and you are invited to “step outside and settle it”, politely insist that your opponent goes ahead of you.  As you reach the door grab him by the hair (or ears) with both hands, jerk him backwards and slam his head against the floor.  Instantly make a fist and slam him in the nose.  Kick him once in the jaw and again in the rips.  If possible stomp his hand and arm.  Your objective is to break as many bones as possible in the shortest time possible.  It is not your job to be brave and take a beating.  Your job is to win!  Now hurry to your car and get out of Dodge. 

Now what about the law? Will you get prosecuted for initiating an attack?  Usually not, as long as you can show that an attack on your person was imminent and you can show that did all you could to calm the situation.  The law knows it is extremely unwise to wait for someone to attack you before you put up a defense. When you allow an attack to happen you not only loose control of the situation by giving the opponent the advantage, but you will find it more difficult to defend after you have been struck.   You could end us much worse off if friends of the attacker decide to get in on kicking the crap out of you.  In a street self defense situation it is much wiser to strike your opponent and then make your escape as soon as possible. At the very least, taking the initiative will allow you to put in a few more kicks to finish an opponent while he is still dazed from your first assault. But after you have won the fight, leave the area immediately.  Do not hang around to attract attention and possible find the situation escalating. 

Whatever technique you choose for your pre-emptive attack, make sure you are well practiced in it. Spend a lot of time visualizing that one technique and getting it right so you will have the power to take an opponent down when the time comes.  Visualizing will work only if you actually practice the move.  Since you may be practicing alone you can visualize your opponent and practice your moves on the invisible attacker.  Yes, it will be best if you have a real person to practice with but, if you do, remember to pull punches and wear protective gear.

So it is up to you to get ready and learn how to win a street fight.  Perhaps you are seldom in situations where a fight would occur.  That fact, in itself, could make you a victim.  Street thugs prey on passive people.  It is okay to be passive in your normal day to day life but it is not okay to assume that you will never need to defend yourself.  You do not need to be a master of martial arts to learn a few “dirty” moves to make in a pre-emptive manner.  You need to make the wise choice and do not wait to be attacked.  Be passive but be ready to be brutal.